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In 1998 a group of veterinarians recognized the need for pets with medical emergencies to get the care they need regardless of their owners' ability to pay for that care. With an endorsement and a start-up loan from the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City, NY SAVE, Inc., was founded as a publicly supported philanthropic organization to serve the pets of New York City residents living in Manhattan, Brooklyn the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

The goal of NY SAVE is for any pet owner residing in one of the five boroughs of New York City who is truly in need of financial assistance to be able to take their pet to any participating veterinary hospital for emergency veterinary care. Pet owners can apply directly to NY SAVE or obtain services through a referral by a veterinarian who is a member of the Veterinary Medical Association of New York City. To qualify, pet owners need to provide identification and some form of documentation indicating that they are currently unemployed, on public assistance, disabled or living at or below the poverty level. There is a $2,000.00 annual limit per household. Pet owners who are able to pay a portion of the veterinary care will be asked to do so on a sliding-scale basis. Veterinarians participating in the program will reduce their fees in order to care for animals accepted for treatment under NY SAVE. The pets treated through NY SAVE will receive the same level of care as any other veterinary patients. After treating the emergency condition, the veterinarian will institute the appropriate therapy for the continued stabilization of your pet.

Unfortunately, due to limited funding and overwhelming need, NY SAVE has to turn away pets daily and the number just keeps going up. NY SAVE relies entirely on private donations. Any little bit helps! Please help us today with a gift to help save a beloved pet's life.

Please do what you can to help!

NY SAVE Board Members:

George Korin, DVM • President
Lisa A. Esposito, DVM • Vice President
Julie R. Butler, DVM • Vice President
Eleanor M. Gibson • Secretary
Members at Large:
• Noreen Eskanzi, DVM • Keith Manning, DVM • Sameh Soliman, DVM
• Anna Bell Washburn (Emeritus) • David R. Wohlstadter, DVM
• Carol Yost
• Bashkim Dibra