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A Note to Veterinarians about the NY SAVE PET MEMORIAL PROGRAM

As a veterinarian, you probably make contributions to veterinary institutions and/or humane organizations in memory of clients' pets. NY SAVE has instituted a similar program to support its mission of funding the costs of emergency care for pets whose owners are unable to pay such costs themselves. Taking part in this program is a special way for you to show that you share your clients' grief over the loss of beloved pets. And through these memorial gifts, remembered pets will act as guardian angels to other companion animals in need of veterinary care. Your first pet memorial gift will enroll you in our Pet Memorial Program. We ask for a minimum of $10.00 for each pet you wish to honor. Upon our receipt of your check and the completed form below, we will send an acknowledgment to your clients letting them know that you've made a contribution in memory of their pets. We will also send you a supply of NY SAVE Pet Memorial Transmittal forms for your future use.

NY SAVE Pet Memorial Program Enrollment Form

Name of Veterinarian/Hospital ___________________________________________________________
Hospital Address _____________________________________________
Street Number/Name/Zip Code___________________________________
Pet Owner/Street Address ___________________________________________________________
Street Number/Name/Zip Code ___________________________________________________________
Enclosed is a gift of $_________ Check__Credit Card__
Credit Card#_______________________Expiration_________________
In memory of (pet's name)______________________________________________________
Dog____ Cat____ Other____

If you have any questions, please feel free to call NY SAVE at (917) 669-7281 or email to nycitysave@gmail.com.